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Our Sweet Spots

Talent Strategy

Most organizations will declare that people are their number one asset but leveraging that asset effectively requires that you have a strategy and plan. We support organizations by partnering to create a Talent Strategy that focuses on building programs and processes to improve human performance and ensure your number one asset delivers outstanding results. An impactful Talent Strategy will be the bridge between your overall corporate strategy and the people who work in your organization – it will have the goal of improving employee and organizational performance.

Your Talent Strategy will focus on what is important for your organization and enables you to better compete in the global business marketplace. We have worked with numerous organizations developing a strategy that meets their needs. Examples include: leveraging diverse talent, creating an inclusive and collaborative environment, shifting to a growth mindset, fostering entrepreneurship and developing a cutting edge tech culture. Whatever your focus, a well laid out Talent Strategy should include culture, structure, skills and work and should be embedded across the whole organization.

Leadership Coaching

Our comprehensive Individual Development Pathway coaching method provides 360 degrees of support. What makes our coaching unique is the caliber and experience of our coaches and the infrastructure and processes we have developed to maximize the impact of coaching. All of our coaches have worked in large global organizations across multiple industries and leverage both their academic knowledge and years of professional experience to provide objective and comprehensive coaching for both leaders and emerging leaders within your organization. To support our coaches and clients we have built a proprietary web and smartphone coaching application that supports all the work we do by allowing for 24/7 access as needed. Our web and smartphone coaching applications also ensure your conversations are safe and secure.

We will tailor our coaching program to meet the specific needs of our clients. The length, frequency and duration of each coaching session will be aligned with the identified needs. We offer comprehensive 360 degree feedback through structured interviews, review of performance management materials and a personality assessment tool to help clients better understand their communication style and work behaviors. Coaching is an investment and like any investment it is important to know whether it is delivering value. With this in mind we will work with clients and organizations to measure the impact of the coaching to ensure it is delivering value.

Team Performance

High-performing teams are crucial to producing timely, innovative, and impactful results because effective teams create synergy where the combined value of the team is greater than the sum of the individual team members. A high performing team will foster creativity and learning, leverage the strengths of each team member and promote a wide sense of ownership. Creating a high performing team can be difficult and these challenges increase when working in matrix environments or across multiple countries and time zones or if the team is virtual. Many organizations face these challenges today.


With an array of assessments, tools, and different methodologies, we will work with your leaders and teams to develop and cultivate effective and high performing teams whatever their make-up or physical locations. By sharing best practices and highly applicable tools and tips we will focus on improving communication, leveraging diversity of thinking and increasing performance across boundaries. Our aim will be to work with your leaders to create teams where transparency of communication, a cohesive working style and aligned and shared goals are the norm and we will deliver a team with a rhythm.

Organizational capability cannot be automated, shared as a service, offshored or outsourced. Organizational capability is, ultimately, executed by people – people who need to be supported, trained and equipped to fulfill the strategic vision. Watermarq supports and enables the execution of strategy, change programs and performance enhancements through building organizational capability.

Watermarq’s main success and value add to organizations comes from:

  • Building strong relationships with clients
  • Developing intimate knowledge of the organization’s strategy and its existing capabilities
  • Increasing employee engagement through change initiatives and performance enhancements

Why we do what we do...

We believe in finding the 10% that gives people the edge they need to achieve better results.

How we go about it...

We find that 10% by thinking differently and simplifying complex theory into practical, instantly applicable solutions.

What we do…

We work with you to implement processes and plans based on 10% incremental changes to ensure your organization meets its vision and goals in a timely manner.

Are your people and organization ready for a transformation? Start a dialogue with us.