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The Watermarq Story

Todd Heskett founded Watermarq Consulting in 2001, after completing his Masters and a successful career in the corporate sector and military developing a passion for helping leaders develop their people and teams. Over the years, Watermarq has expanded its vision, people and global reach but continues to help individuals and organizations find solutions to managing and developing their talent.

Meet The Team

Hilary Pawsey

Managing Partner

Hilary’s passion is helping leaders develop the leadership skills critical to ensuring organizations are managed through change successfully. Hilary is also passionate about mentoring senior leaders to reach their potential with a focus on women. Her vast experience leading in executive roles in diverse working environments enables her to provide precise situational coaching and support.

Hilary has 20+ years experience working in the corporate finance and mobile sectors. She has held numerous executive positions in fortune 500 companies, leading large teams in the areas of marketing, operations and technology. In her last role as Vice President at Capital One Bank, Inc., she led two large transformational programs: in UK and US leading teams of over 500 employees through significant change. Hilary earned a Master in Business Administration from Warwick University, UK with a major in finance. She has been engaged with many non-profit organizations leveraging her leadership and business skills. In her spare time, Hilary spends it outdoors, and enjoys nothing better than a long hike in the mountains.


Todd Heskett

Founder & Managing Partner

For almost 2 decades, Todd has been leveraging his corporate career and military service working globally with people in leadership. His success is driven by his passion for helping people achieve 10% greater success. Clients have said it better – “Todd challenged me to find my 10%”. As a senior executive from one of the world’s largest bank said, “If you really don’t want to change, you really shouldn’t hire Todd.” He hasn’t met anyone yet that doesn’t have room for 10% improvement.

After a Masters degree in the UK, and experiences living and working outside of his native country for 14 years, his passion for helping others find and achieve their 10% expanded from leadership to high performing teams to the delicate complexities of corporate culture building to leading in a global matrix environment. His passion for 10% is deeply routed in his life, his family and his activities outside of work. You may not see him on an Olympic roster but you will see him improving in everything he does, whether rock climbing, mountain biking, inspiring his children, or finding new ways to enhance his marriage. Improving by 10% is an amazingly simple concept that transformed his life. His book, Keep Your P.I.E. Fresh, outlines a simple approach to help you find and achieve your 10%.


Grant (NZ)

Executive Consultant & Coach

In New Zealand there is a Māori saying, “Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi”, which translates to “With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive”. Grant believes this to be a foundational guide for client interactions: each making their own special contribution, but in combining we create something amazing. Grant is passionate about working with people and helping them achieve their goals and growth. He enjoys the privilege of being a part of that journey. This passion stems from his time as a teacher working within mainstream education in New Zealand and overseas. He developed programmes for Outward Bound and most recently on supporting corporations, not for profits and new business entrepreneurs through growth and change. Grant’s value to his business relationships derives from his teacher training and MBA. Both allowed him to develop skills, connect with people, understand complexities of their environment, and help carve a path to greater success.

For Grant, it’s important to balance his time with family and friends against often competing demands of a busy work schedule, something he shares with many of his clients. Technology has created more options for work flexibility and balance. Although, no matter how good the technology, the fundamental building blocks of forming a strong relationship and being part of a well performing team are still the same and are embedded in the work he performs.


Kathy (UK)

Executive Consultant & Coach

Kathy is passionate about helping leaders and their teams foster positive, strength-focused growth. In her experience, this builds lasting and sustainable self-belief within teams and organisations allowing them to step forward confidently into realities and challenges they face. With 20 years of experience, Kathy is a trusted facilitator and coach in the field of leadership and team development. She works with senior leaders in organisations across Europe and the UK.  Kathy brings creativity and quick thinking, pragmatism and a constant focus on helping clients improve their own practice.  Her work demonstrates learning translated into practical action and growth for both businesses and individuals, which is why she is called upon again and again with clients who have worked with her. At home on the coast of west Wales, Kathy is a potter and artist. She runs a community pottery, sells her work and also works with organisations in creative ways to enable deeper exploration of issues at the heart of teamwork, and self-awareness.


Richard (UK)

Executive Consultant & Coach

Richard is passionate about helping leaders create an environment that cultivates brilliance. He believes that with brilliance comes performance, great results and fulfilled lives. He builds close relationships with leaders to understand their worlds, then co-creates solutions to allow brilliance to flourish. He specialises in executive coaching, building leadership capability, developing high performing teams and facilitating creative meetings and events that inspire positive change in individuals and the organisations they represent.

He served in the Royal Navy for five years before joining the corporate world.  Initially, he managed a team in-house at Tesco to design and deliver people development strategies for four years before joining the global Human Capital Consultancy – Barkers Norman Broadbent (BNB).  During 8 years with BNB, he ran a business that consulted with public and private organisations where he designed and delivered development solutions for individuals and organisations as a whole.  He lives in the house he was born in and all three of his children have been taught by the same teacher who taught him over 30 years ago. He was more terrified of going to his children’s “Parents Evening” and facing THE TEACHER than his children were.


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