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People are undeniably and fundamentally the life force of an organization. However, people development sometimes takes a backseat to product, process or procedure development. An organization’s success is crucial to developing and cultivating an agile, skilled, forward-thinking, and results-driven workforce.

Watermarq Tool-Kit


At Watermarq, we developed our own proprietary assessments and tools ensuring we have targeted and specific conversations about change. Our assessments and tools are customized to meet the unique and specific needs of our clients. The tools we currently leverage are:

  • Watermarq’s Leadership 36o™ (Feedback Survey)
  • Watermarq’s Employee Engagement™ (Team, Function, Company Employee Engagement Survey)
  • Personalysis™ Assessment Tool (Survey Explores How You’re Wired To Thrive)

Case Studies

Read Watermarq’s case studies to learn about how we work with our clients and the solutions that have an immediate impact and lasting effect.

Performance Portfolio

Building High Performing Global Teams

Situation: Our clients were faced with increasing pressures to deliver results while working within a team of individuals from different regions and cultural backgrounds. Communication, differing viewpoints, and cultural nuances became a hindrance to performance.

Task & Action: To address the complexity of dynamics within global teams, we designed a program providing the skills to harness diversity, creativity and managing differences to bring about effective team performance. We focused on creating an inclusive environment in the virtual workspace to maximize the performance potential.

Result: As a result, these higher performing teams recorded more engagement, collaboration, effective communication and produced more timely and innovative results.

Executing Beyond Customer’s Expectations

Situation: Our client had reported a dip in overall customer satisfaction. Efforts of the organization shift customer satisfaction had been ineffective due to lack of engagement from employees.

Task & Action: We collaborated with the organization to address the root cause of employee dissatisfaction, and responded by providing one-on-one coaching with employees to build employee engagement and create innovative strategies in relating to customer needs.

Result: Our client reported and increase in satisfied customers due to relationships developed and generated by engaged and open dialogues.

Executive and Emerging Leaders Coaching

Situation: We continually provide solutions to clients in need of further developing their established leadership and emerging leadership talent.

Task & Action: We work with each individual to offer objective advisory and in depth coaching to build stronger leadership skills specific to each individual and the expectations of themselves and the organization.

Result: Leaders develop new perspectives, communicate more effectively, gain confidence as a manager, and deliver better results as a leader.

Critical Aspects in Change Management

Situation: Organizations normally have good intentions with change, however sometimes leave out critical key aspects that matter the most to making sustainable change and fully engaging its people.

Task & Action: In response, we created a program for our clients going through change addressing these critical aspects of transitioning to ensure an appropriate application and transition.

Result: Our clients reported a transformation in overall engagement, alignment with strategic goals, and timely positive changes.

Developing a Global Mindset

Situation: Without the knowledge of how to operate effectively within the global arena, our clients had noticed a decline in performance and increased frustration with new global leaders.

Task & Action: We developed a program to help our clients build global competence and cultural intelligence when working across borders.

Result: Our clients reported better overall communication, understanding and competence in operating globally and collaborating with their global counterparts.

Building Internal Coaching Capacity

Situation: We believe that an organization is only as successful as the capacity it holds. A leader is more effective by empowering his/her employees to act rather than just delegating tasks.

Task & Action: Our approach is to empower and train an organization to develop coaching capacity within their leadership to create higher sustainability for change and organizational wellbeing.

Result: Our clients have reported longer-lasting change within leadership, retention of talent, and overall employee engagement and satisfaction.

Aligning New Talent

Situation: Hiring and retaining new talent is a major cost to most businesses. Our client needed to ensure new hires were engaged and motivated to achieve strategic goals.

Task & Action: We developed a program to help current and new managers create a structured plan for on-boarding new talent to ensure they were well managed.

Result: Our clients reported higher retention of new talent, understanding of company goals and engagement.

Engaging a Global Workforce through Transition

Situation: Our client was struggling to meet timely organizational goals during a global-wide change initiative. However, messaging was unclear across regions and engagement in the execution began to decline.

Task & Action: We designed a program called “World Café” designed as a process improvement with hundreds of employees coming together virtually and simultaneously.

Result: Global-wide cooperation and alignment of goals were established to move forward.

Women's Emerging Leaders Series

Situation: Despite good intentions and efforts to develop a leadership development program for their current women leaders and to attract new women talent to their organization, our clients struggled to build diversity within their senior and middle management.

Task & Action: We developed a comprehensive program addressing and removing the key barriers for women in the current structure and global culture of the organization. We also created a program to help women make the internal shift as a leader through seminars and one-on-one coaching.

Result: Women within the organization reported more support and opportunities internally, personal confidence in their abilities to lead, and received further support in juggling work and other life changes.

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